Different exam policies in two countries

Now some Chinese students study in America, like some students said that the studying lives in America are different from the China. So, how to study in a right way is very important.

For example, like the speaker of the video in the last post said, the exam policy is different from the China. In China, only one midterm and the final are the most important exams, and other exams just exercises. So the students just need prepare the exam three weeks or one month before the final.  So, for some students they just need study hard three weeks or one month before the exam. However, for the American exam policy, the importance of the several midterms are the same as the final, so we need study very hard. In addition, I think we cannot have any time to prepare, because sometimes he professors still teaches new knowledge one day before the exam. So we need word hard every day.

In order to study well in another country, we need adapt studying in a new environment. Then we can get the good grades in America.

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Why we study in America?

Now, more and more Chinese students decide to study abroad, and most of them choose to study in America. According to the data, there are over seven hundred thousand Chinese students study in America, and the rate of increase is over 5% per year. So why there are so many Chinese students study in America? there are many reasons cause it.

The most important reason is the American universities are most advanced around the world, and some Chinese students want to persuade the high goal, so they decide to study in America. And many Chinese families have some savings, so they also willing to let their children to study abroad. And in China, some of the Chinese families in city have money, so it cause the number of the Chinese students increase in American universities.

And the other reason is that the only fewer half high school graduate students have the opportunities to receive the advanced education. And the Gaokao has the high competitions, so some students choose give up the Gaokao and prepare the SAT. Take a example for my homeland, my homeland is Jiangsu Province. And for each year, there are about more than half a million students attend Gaokao. However, there are just about fifty thousand students can enter into top 100 universities in China. So the competition is strong. Although you get a good grade in Gaokao, you still cannot receive advanced knowledge in universities, because some wonderful professors can be allowed to just do research and not take class, this is different from America. In America, all professors need take the class. So some students want to received advanced knowledge and have more opportunities for job in the future, they all choose to go to America.

In addition, some students want to immigrate to America, so they want to study in America and they choose to find job in the America. And if some families do the business, the parents also hope that their sons and daughters can stay in America and help them develop the business. Even some families immigrate to the America, and their children also study in America.

Overall, whatever why we come to America, we must study hard. If we drop the opportunities for study in homeland and come to abroad, we must cherish the opportunities to study in America’s advanced universities. And our parents also hope we can study well and academic successful.

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Reading is very important!

In the last post, I mentioned that Chinese students are good at the science not the arts in the American colleges. And I said that the Chinese students focus studying the science in China, and they just spend few time on the arts, so they cannot get the high grades in the arts. I am studying in the university in Arizona, and in my one-year studying, I find another reason that Chinese are not good at arts, it is Chinese students seldom reading. However, the reading is very important for students.

I found that in the science class like Chemistry and physics, some of the content in the first year of the university were studies in high school by Chinese students. So the science students just need listen in the class, and review the slides at home, then the can get a good grade in the exam. And they need not to do some reading, because they understand most of the contents in the book. So they think that they need not read books in all subjects. In the arts subjects and other subjects like Spanish culture and econ subjects, the courses require students read lots of books. At the beginning, some Chinese students think the classes are easy because they can complete the quiz and homework even first exam well without reading. However, when they study for a long, they find that they cannot understand the contents in the classes. In this time, they wanted to read, but it is late. For some of my friends including me, we do not have the habits to read the book because we are used to receive all knowledge from teachers, not books; and in China, the books are very cheap but they just contain some easy concept; if we want to attend Gaokao, the teachers must teach us more knowledge. But in the American education system, the books are expensive and they contain every knowledge and details. So we must read the book after the classes.

However, some Chinese students seldom read the books and they read book not careful. So they cannot get the good points in the arts classes. Even some science class, if you never read book, they cannot be good in every exams. Take a example for me, I take the chemistry 152 in this semester, at the first half of the class, some contents I studied in China, so I was good in the first exams, and I was the top in the class. However, I never read the textbook, and I just watch the slides on the Internet. So in the third exams, I cannot get the top again.

So, the reading is important for us in every subject. We need develop the habit of the reading, then we can get good not only in science, but also in the arts.


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Science or Arts, Which subject are the Chinese students good at?

I am a Chinese students study in a university in the United States, and the Chinese students account for a large proportion in my university. In some science class, the Chinese students always can get the high grades, and this brings lots of American teachers and students’ attentions. And in the most of the science exams, the tops usually are the Chinese students; for example, in the last exam in my Chemistry class, the tops are two Chinese students. So some American students think the Chinese students are good at the science. However, in some art subjects, like the history and culture classes, the Chinese students are not good at these subjects. So, why cause this situation?

Some researchers analysis this appearance, and they think that the Chinese students study hard and have the gifts on the science. Meanwhile, the Chinese education system determines that Chinese students focus on the science, so they achieve the high grades on the math and science subjects. On the other hand, the most of the Chinese students seldom participate some social activities, and they lack the creativities. In addition, they seldom self-study, so they lack the self-thinking skills. These reasons cause the Chinese students are not good at the art subjects.

For my opinion, I think that the most of the science knowledge of the U.S. universities Chinese students studied in high school, so they can get the high grades in the university. However, when these Chinese students take PHD, they not always get the good grades. And the Chinese students study few art classes in high school, and they do not know how to study art class, so they are not good at the art. So Chinese students need do more self-studying, and learn some studying methods, then they can get good grades in both science and arts.

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